Wini Froelich
Wini Froelich.jpg 2016
Wini Froelich's 2016 League Photo
Vital statistics
Nickname Mama Bear
Career Record 47 - 26
Postseason Record 5 - 2
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 45
Height 5' 6"
Weight Lightweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Celts (2007 - Present)
Previous Teams None

Wini Froelich is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Celts.



Froelich joined the Midwest Combat Chess League when the Unified Combat Chess Conference and the Combat Chess Championship Association, and was selected to join The Celts during the first ever league draft.

Froelich was instrumental in establishing the legitimacy of ambiguous weapon calls when during The Celt's week 4 bout against The Roses she called "Sticks", and then proceeded to retrieve her (now signature) Shillelagh from the team's weapon rack to the dismay of her opponent who had grabbed a pair of Escrima sticks.


Froelich was again drafted by The Celts for the 2008 season and proved to be a valued asset to the team, winning key fights in the team’s only 2 victories for the season.


During the 2009 Player's Strike, Froelich was asked to being one of the representatives for the Players during the negotiations. When play resumed for the 2nd 1/2 of the season, she was offered a position with The Celts.

After a 3rd successive disappointing season under King Brady Huffman, Froelich was one of many players that successfully lobbied for his removal to team management.


Froelich was offered to succeed Brady Huffman as King, an offer she declined. Team Management consulted with her on the selection of The Celts next King, eventually selecting Brian Watson-Jones.

Froelich again proved to be instrumental to the team's success, helping them reach the 2010 Championship match.


Froelich again returned to The Celts for the 2011 Season. Like most of the returning players who had involved in the 2010 Championship match, Froelich seemed timid during fights despite the rules changes aimed at protecting player safety.


Froelich once again returned to The Celts for 2012. She was credited as having helped many players move past the events that occurred during the 2010 Championship and helping get The Celts back on track.


Again returned to The Celts for 2013.


Back on The Celts for the 2014 season, Froelich found herself in the familiar position of having to attempt to rally the team together during a season where the collectively struggled to find success.


2015 started off very similarly to 2010 for Froelich with her being offered the Kingship of The Celts, her declining it, and being instrumental in the selection of new King Jason Kobett.

Froelich saw action in the 2015 Championship match against Jacob Gulliver, a contest of Shillelagh vs Jo Staff which she won.


To the shock of absolutely no one, Froelich returned to The Celts for 2016 and also invited to participate in the Preseason 2016 All-Star Game.

Fighting StyleEdit

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