The Midwest Combat Chess League utilizes a variety of close-range weapons from throughout western history for its bouts. Since 2011, all League-approved weapons are rebated or otherwise blunted to reduce the occurance of injuries.  While contestants may opt for the bout to be fought as an unarmed contest, unarmed techniques are also allowed in bouts that include weapons.

Primary WeaponsEdit

The chief and primary weapons available for choice in MCCL play are as follows:

Longsword , a two-handed sword.

Rapier , a single-handed, narrow sword primarily for thrusting but capable of cutting.

Smallsword , a development of the rapier with a simple hilt used almost exclusively for thrusting

Quarterstaff, a straight 6' hardwood shaft

Broadsword, a single-handed cruciform sword used for cutting and thrusting .

Mortuary sword , a basket-hilted cut-and-thrust sword.

Spear , a hardwood shaft with a metal thrusting tip.

Sabre , a single-handed sword, often curved, used primarily for cutting.

'Gladius'a short, broad-bladed weapon for cutting and thrusting.

Off-hand WeaponsEdit

These weapons, where applicable, may be chosen in addition to the primary weapons as an accompanying armament.

Dagger , a cross-hilted short bladed weapon used for catching the opponent's weapon and attacking

Shield , a rigid piece of material (usually steel) worn strapped to the arm

Buckler , a small shield held in the hand.

Cloak, a broad and flat piece of cloth used to entangle and deflect the opponent's weapon, as well as attack and distract.

Eastern WeaponsEdit

Since 2011, eastern-style weapons have been included as League-approved armaments including:

Tonfa , a wooden weapon with a side-mounted handle.

Sai ,  a three-pronged daggerlike weapon, often used in pairs.

Nunchaku , two short wooden lengths connected by a short chain.

Katana , a Japanese curved sword used with one or both hands, primarily for cutting.

Yantok, short rattan sticks used in Filipino martial arts.

Kukri , an inward-curving Indian machete/knife. 

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