The Mongoose
Years Active 2009-2011
Team Color Silver
Team Motto Unknown
Current King Unknown
Previous Kings Unknown
General Manager Unknown
Combined Regular Season Record 3-15 (3 seasons)
Championship Titles none

The Mongoose are a now defunct team, formerly of the Midwest Combat Chess League.  Hastily formed in 2009 to fill a vacancy left by The Valyrie during the infamous player strike, they never managed to gain traction, and were disbanded after just three seasons.



The Mongoose were founded hastily as a result of the 2009 player's strike after the Valkyries' departure from the league.  With such a small amount of time to form the team, they failed to win a single match and finished the season 0-4.


The Mongoose had high hopes for the 2010 season, thinking a full offseason would put them on an even playing field with the other teams in the league.  This proved fruitless, as the Mongoose did not win a match until the 6th week of play (more than a year after the team was founded).  This match was against the Legion however, the previous year's champions, so the team still had hopes for improvements.  They finished the season in last place, with 1 win and 6 loses.


The Mongoose had their most successful season in 2011, winning 2 matches and losing 5.  This was insufficient to convince the front office and general manager of the team that continuing their investment would prove fruitful in any way, and so immediately after their final bout the team was disbanded.