Noah Stein
Noah 2012
Noah Stein during the 2012 championship match
Vital statistics
Nickname "Sensei"
Career Record 33-7
Postseason Record 8-2
Status active
Physical attributes
Age Unknown
Height 6'0"
Weight 235
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Dragons (2013-)
Previous Teams The Corsairs (2012)

The Cavaliers (2011)


Noah Stein is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Dragons



Noah Stein's first year in the MCCL came after a player transfer from the Jade Shogi League, where he had competed since 2005.  Upon the addition of eastern-style weaponry to the MCCL-approved weapons list, Noah transitioned to Human Combat Chess competition and joined The Cavaliers as Queen's Bishop.  He performed well beyond the expectations of his team, and was a strong candidate for the 2011 rookie of the year award.  Noah competed in the finals against The Legion, winning all 3 of his bouts.  He finished the regular season with a record of 12-3.


After the restructuring of the Cavaliers following their 2011 campionship loss, Noah was the no. 1 draft pick and transfered to The Corsairs where he played Queen's Knight for the 2012 season.  His final season record was 13-2.


After his performance in the past 2 seasons, Noah has received offers from every team in the league, the largest coming from The CorsairsThe Legion, and The Dragons.  Noah has made no official statements regarding his decision as of yet.

Fighting StyleEdit

Stein has an extensive background in a variety of eastern martial arts, including wushu weapons forms, tae kwon do, and karate.  He has had unparalleled success in transferring that knowledge to western weapons, giving him an unorthodox style that opponents frequently have trouble understanding.  While definitely a master of the quarterstaff, Noah has also converted jian techniques to be applied to the smallsword, as showcased in his 2012 bout with Chris Sik.

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