Since its inception in 2007, the MCCL has kept record of all the outstanding achievements its players and teams have accomplished.  Below are some of the most notable and highly recognized awards.

Team AwardsEdit

The following awards are granted to a full team in recognition of a particular achievement.  In light of the fact that team rosters change frequently, most team awards are held by the general manager.

Single Match AwardsEdit

Single Season AwardsEdit

Perfect Season AwardEdit

Two teams have finished the regular season with a perfect record: the Culverins (2008) and the Cavaliers (2011).  Some regard this award as a curse, as neither team won the championship in their year.

Lifetime AwardsEdit

Most Championship TitlesEdit

The Dragons (4)

Most Postseason VictoriesEdit

The Dragons (8)

Individual awardsEdit

The following awards are granted to individual players in recognition of particular achievements

Single Match AwardsEdit

Most wins in a championship matchEdit

This award is currently held in a tie between Mike Lubke (Legion, 2012 vs. The Corsairs) and Barrett Van Der Beerg (The Dragons, 2008 vs. The Culverins) at 4 victories.

Single Season AwardsEdit

Lifetime AwardsEdit