Luis Rosa
Vital statistics
Nickname Unknown
Career Record 2-0
Postseason Record 0-0
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 43
Height 5'11"
Weight Middleweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Phoenix (2014 - )
Previous Teams None

Luis Rosa is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League currently signed to The Phoenix.


Pre MCCLEdit

Rosa is considered by many to be one of the preeminent competitors of the UCCC (one of the two leagues that merged to form the MCCL). Despite this, Rosa was never a part of a championship team. Rosa retired after the final season of the UCCC as King of The Blackguards.


When the owner of The Cavaliers decided to rebrand the team and get a clean start, he reached out to Rosa to offer him the opportunity to be the King; an offer the Rosa happily accepted. Not only was he successful in getting the Phoenix to the 2014 Championship Match, but doing it in style as the Phoenix have a reputation for putting on a good show in addition to being highly skilled.

Rosa very much puts himself in the role of father figure to his teammates, understanding that the bickering between each player is also a sign of caring and supporting one another, with this knowledge and research he sought out the perfect team. A true believer that those who are the craziest become the finest of HCC players. With his Lieutenants Steffi O'Brien, David Elwyn, Johanna Gorman-Baer and Jena Young, Rosa is confident that he has the perfect balance for the perfect team. Win or lose he seem to turn out on top and is always willing to take the team on "vacation" afterwards. What might explain this is the little nasty gambling problem. But how long his "luck" will hold out no one really knows.

Understanding that time is not on his side he picked up a young protege, Jenn Sisko and training her in every weapon style and the nuance of duel wielding a variety of weapons.

Fighting StyleEdit

Rosa is proven to be adept with all standard weapons in the MCCL, and many non-standard weapons as well. Rosa favors fighting with a Case (a Pair) of weapons, particular Heavy Bladed weapons such as Broadswords, Falchions, or Cavalry Sabers.

Rosa is one of the few practitioners in Deduco Vergaris. The Dance of Blades.