Jacob Gulliver
Jacob Gulliver.jpg 2016
Jacob Gulliver's 2016 League photo.
Vital statistics
Nickname Unknown
Career Record 31-24
Postseason Record 6-5
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 26
Height 5'11"
Weight Heavyweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Templars (2015-Present)
Previous Teams The Dragons (2013-2014)

The Legion (2011)

Jacob Gulliver is a competitor and official in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Dragons. He is known for his tactical, strategic fighting style, and signature Japanese tabi boots.



Jacob was called in mid-season to join The Legion to replace one of their injured players.  He was fielded during the championship match against The Cavaliers, but did not participate in any bouts.


Jacob took a year off of competition bouts to train with former teammates Chris Sik and Mike Lubke, intending to return in 2013. He was invited (along with former teammate Will Perry ) to co-marshal the 2012 championship match between The Legion and The Corsairs.


Jacob's training got him noticed by The Dragons prior to the 2013 Season , and they put an offer on the table for him. He declined first, but longtime friend and training partner Max Savage convinced him to take the offer saying; "It's the only way your ass is getting to the Finals again." Coincidentally, early in the season, Max Savage left The Corsairs to join The Dragons. It is unclear whether Jacob had any influence on his decision to shift teams, but Max received several medical procedures under Dragons insurance coverage post-joining.


Jacob has returned to the The Dragons for the 2014 Season. His outspoken support for Dave "Chernobyl" Schneider's promotion to King was likely responsible for the rapid renewal of his contract with The Dragons. Jacob lost the match just prior to Dave Schneider's impromptu revival of the Venice Rules' King's Prerogative.


Jacob was drafted by The Templars in the 2015 season, and was fielded aggressively throughout the season. Despite a mid-season concussion during a bout with David Traylor, he was recovered by the Semi Finals. Jacob lost a match in the 2015 Championship to Wini Froelich, who cracked two of his ribs with her Shillelagh.


Jacob was promoted to Queen of The Templars at the beginning of the 2016 season. Jacob also voted in to the Pre-Season 2016 All-Star Game.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jacob's preferred League weapon is the Mortuary Sword, but he has also proved his skill with Staff weapons and a plethora of Eastern and European sword styles.

He has also been known to juggle and perform tricks with daggers.

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