Hunter Teasley
Hunter Teasley's 2013 Dragons photo
Vital statistics
Nickname "Ripper"
Career Record 13-9
Postseason Record 1-0
Status active
Physical attributes
Age 18
Height 6'3"
Weight Flyweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Dragons (2016)
Previous Teams The Templars (2015)

The Dragons (2013-2014) The Legion (2012)

Hunter Teasley is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Dragons.



Hunter was signed to a inactive combatant/development contract with The Dragons for the 2012. While Hunter would stay on the bench the entire season, he gained valuable experience being able to train with The Dragons.


Hunter was drafted by The Dragons late in the 2013 draft to their active roster where he had a successful season as a combatant. During the 2013 Championship Match, he did not see any combat as Dragon King Daniel Sbriglio used him to block Corsair's Pawn Phil Henry from promoting.


Hunter was again drafted by The Dragons for the 2014 season.

Fighting StyleEdit

Teasley is perhaps well known for his propensity to always select dual daggers when given the option, being the sport's most successful competitor with that weapon combination.

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