Chris Meuleners
Chris Meuleners.JPG 2016
Chris Meuleners's 2016 League Photo
Vital statistics
Career Record 5 - 4
Postseason Record 0 - 0
Status Active
Physical attributes
Age 36
Height 5' 8"
Weight Lightweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Banshees (2016 - Present)
Previous Teams The Celts (2014 - 2015)

Chris Meuleners is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Banshees



Joined the Midwest Combat Chess League. Drafted late by The Celts. Meulners saw little action in his rookie season, but did gain some notice for his fairly consistent weapons selection of spear.


Meulners was again drafted again by The Celts for the 2015 Season. While he ended the season with a record of 2-3, all 3 of those losses were hard fought. As the season went on, Meulners was very public about the fact that new King Jason Kobett was underutilizing him and that his fight record didn't accurately reflect his abilities.

Meulners was on the board for the 2015 Championship game, but saw no action.


Meulners was drafted by The Banshees for 2016, he also was voted in the Preseason 2016 All-Star Game by a highly supportive fan base.

Fighting StyleEdit