Andrew Gullikson
Andrew Gullikson's 2013 corsairs photo
Vital statistics
Nickname Unknown
Career Record 12-10
Postseason Record 1-1
Status active
Physical attributes
Age 26
Height 5' 8"
Weight Lightweight
Team Affiliation
Current Team The Phoenix (2014 - )
Previous Teams The Corsairs (2013)

Andrew Gullikson is a competitor in the Midwest Combat Chess League, currently signed to The Phoenix.


2013 Edit

Gullikson was drafted to The Corsairs in the second round at the beginning of the season. Over the course of the 2013 season Corsair King Chris Marchand would often sacrifice Gullikson to gain tactical board position, often by giving him incredibly difficult fights. Gullikson was quoted as saying that he enjoyed the challenges Marchand often presented him. During the 2013 Championship Gullikson had a Smallsword contest with Dragon's Queen Missy Iverson that got quite brutal; while Gullikson lost the contest, Iverson was left much worse for ware.


Initially drafted back to The Corsairs, Gullikson was among many returning Corsair veterans that refused to join the team in protest over the sacking of Chris Marchand as the team's King. Along with 2013 teammates Johanna Gorman-Baer, Jena Young, Eric Cohen, Jon Bigelow, and Rachel Bigelow, Gullikson was signed to The Phoenix from Free Agency.

Fighting StyleEdit

Gullikson is a renowned aggressive competitor, seemingly approaching each bout as a race to the finish.