The 2014 Corsair Mutiny was a series of trades that resulted in the Corsairs having to completely reform their team despite having won back-to-back championships in 2012/13.

The primary impetus for the mutiny was when the Corsairs back office fired then-King Chris Marchand. This was done in response to his revolutionary strategy during the 2014 season of shuffling his lineup each match to optimise the chance that certain Corsairs competitors would be positioned to have better matchups in each game. This conflicted with League policy of having player contracts negotiated for a particular team and position. The constant shuffling caused a headache for both the players' managers and the team's office, so the termination of Marchand's contract was exercised as a punitive measure. Marchand, after having saved the team that year by stepping in to king after the defection of Max Savage to The Dragons, had garnered a massive amount of respect amongst his teammates. Upon hearing that their leader had been sacked, every one of the players that the Corsairs made direct offers to for the 2014 season refused, opting to take much lower pay at other teams as a sign of solidarity. Many players ended up signing with the newly reformed team, The Phoenix, while even more followed to The Dragons, Marchand had moved to as a coach.

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