The 2012 Season of the Midwest Combat Chess League featured the addition of two new teams: The Banshees, (transferred from the Rocky Mountain Combat Chess League in exchange for The Culverins), and The Templars (formed as an offshoot of The Cavaliers).  It was also the first year several new rules were introduced in support of the 2012 Olympic Application.

Regular SeasonEdit

Week 1Edit

Black White Notes
Dragons* Templars
Corsairs* Banshees
Celts* Cavaliers
Legion* Roses

Week 2Edit

Black White Notes
Cavaliers (0-1)* Legion (1-0) Missy Iverson  (Legion) tears calf muscle
Templars (0-1) Corsairs (1-0)* Chris Marchand (Templars) injures ankle
Roses (0-1) Celts (1-0)*
Banshees (0-1) Dragons (1-0)*

Week 3Edit

Black White Notes
Dragons (2-0)* Cavaliers (1-1)
Celts (2-0)* Templars (0-3)
Corsairs (2-0)* Roses (0-2)
Legion (1-1)*

Banshees (0-2)

Week 4Edit

Black White Notes
Templars (0-3) Legion (2-1)*
Cavaliers (1-2)* Corsairs (3-0)
Banshees (0-3) Celts (3-0)*
Roses (0-3) Dragons (3-0)*

Week 5Edit

Black White Notes
Roses (0-4) Banshees (0-4)*
Cavaliers (2-2) Templars (0-4)*
Legion (3-1) Corsairs (3-1)*
Celts (4-0) Dragons (4-0)*

Week 6Edit

Black White Notes
Templars (1-4)* Roses (0-5)
Corsairs (4-1)* Celts (4-1)
Banshees (1-4) Cavaliers (2-3)*
Dragons (5-0) Legion (3-2)* lasted full 31 possible fights, ended king vs. king

Week 7Edit

Black White Notes
Banshees (1-5)* Templars (2-4)
Legion (4-2) Celts (4-2)*
Roses (0-6)* Cavaliers (3-3)
Corsairs (5-1) Dragons (5-1)*

Final StandingsEdit

1st: Dragons 6-1

2nd: Corsairs 5-2

3rd: Celts 5-2

4th: Legion 4-3

5th: Cavaliers 3-4

6th: Banshees 2-5

7th: Templars 2-5

8th: Roses 1-6



Black White Notes
Legion (4th)* Dragons (1st)
Celts (3rd) Corsairs (2nd)*

Championship Edit


Meredith Larson defeats Mike Bloom in the final bout of the 2012 championship

The championship match between the Corsairs and the Legion was the most closely contested championship match in league history.  Both teams had stretches of wins, including Corsairs queen Meredith Larson securing 3 victories and Legion queen Mike Lubke winning 4 bouts to tie the record for most wins in a single championship match.  The match came down to a single bout between Meredith Larson and Mike Bloom of the Legion with single rapiers.  The circumstance of the bout was such that whichever team won that bout would then either immediately checkmate the king in the case of the corsairs, or do so on the immediately following turn in the case of the Legion.  Larson pulled off the victory with a perfectly timed parry-riposte, putting Bloom on point to his heart.  Thus the Corsairs became the first team in the league to both have suffered a 0-7 record (2008) and subsequently win a championship.

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