The 2010 season of the Midwest Combat Chess League was remarkable in that it was the last season in which sharp weapons were allowed on the board, and that the league is officially tight-lipped as to the events of the championship match.  Fans speculate these facts are linked. 

Regular SeasonEdit

(*) indicates winner of each match, records listed are team records entering the given match

Week 1Edit

Black White Notes
Cavaliers Celts*
Corsairs Culverins*
Dragons* Legion
Mongoose Roses*

Week 2Edit

Black White Notes
Legion (0-1) Roses (1-0)*
Dragons (1-0)* Mongoose (0-1)
Celts (1-0)* Culverins (1-0)
Cavaliers (0-1)* Corsairs (0-1)

Week 3Edit

Black White Notes
Dragons (2-0)* Culverins (1-1)
Cavaliers (1-1)* Roses (2-0)
Mongoose (0-2) Corsairs (0-2)*
Celts (2-0)* Legion (0-2)

Week 4Edit

Black White Notes
Corsairs (1-2) Legion (0-3)*
Mongoose (0-3) Celts (3-0)*
Cavaliers (2-1) Dragons (3-0)*
Roses (2-1) Culverins (1-2)*

Week 5Edit

Black White Notes
Mongoose (0-4) Cavaliers (2-2)*
Culverins (2-2) Legion (1-3)*
Corsairs (1-3)* Roses (2-2)
Dragons (4-0) Celts (4-0)*

Week 6Edit

Black White Notes
Celts (5-0)* Corsairs (2-3)
Roses (2-3) Dragons (4-1)*
Culverins (2-3)* Cavaliers (3-2)
Legion (2-3) Mongoose (0-5)*

Week 7Edit

Black White Notes
Culverins (3-3)* Mongoose (1-5)
Legion (2-4) Cavaliers (3-3)*
Roses (2-4)* Celts (6-0)
Corsairs (2-4) Dragons (5-1)*

Final StandingsEdit

1st: Celts 6-1

2nd: Dragons 6-1

3rd: Culverins 4-3

4th: Cavaliers 4-3

5th: Roses 3-4

6th: Legion 2-5

7th: Corsairs 2-5

8th: Mongoose 1-6



Black White Notes
Cavaliers (4th) Celts (1st)*
Culverins (3rd) Dragons (2nd)*


The Midwest Combat Chess League has no official information regarding the 2010 championship game other than we can confirm it was held between the Dragons and the Celts, with the Dragons earning the victory in Cedar Rapids, IA  -Anthony Lang

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