The 2009 Season of the Midwest Combat Chess League was memorable to many fans of the sport, not only for its being marred by the 2009 Players' Strike, but also for featuring the addition of many players who now share wide popularity in the sport today.

Regular SeasonEdit

Due to the strike, games were cancelled until the 4th week of the season.

(*) indicates the winner of each match, records listed are team records entering that week's match

Week 4Edit

Black White Notes
Corsairs Legion*
Mongoose Celts*
Cavaliers Dragons*
Roses* Culverins

Week 5Edit

Black White Notes
Mongoose (0-1) Cavaliers (0-1)* Chris Marchand  (cavaliers) records fastest victory with :06, knocking out Adrian McCarthy.
Culverins (0-1) Legion (1-0)*
Corsairs (0-1) Roses (1-0)*
Dragons (1-0)* Celts (0-1)

Week 6Edit

Black White Notes
Celts (0-2) Corsairs (0-2)*
Roses (2-0)* Dragons (2-0)
Culverins (0-2)* Cavaliers (1-1)
Legion (2-0)* Mongoose (0-2)

Week 7Edit

Black White Notes
Culverins (1-2)* Mongoose (0-3)
Legion (3-0)* Cavaliers (1-2)
Roses (3-0)* Celts (1-2)
Corsairs (1-2) Dragons (2-1)*

Final StandingsEdit

1st: Legion/Roses (tie) 4-0

2nd: Dragons 3-1

3rd: Culverins 2-2

4th: Corsairs 1-3

5th: Cavaliers/Celts (tie) 1-3

6th: Mongoose 0-4

7th: N/A

8th: N/A



Black White Notes
Culverins Legion*
Dragons Roses*


The 2009 league championship between the Roses and the Legion was held in the Xperimental Colloseum under the University of Minnesota.  Because the two teams were tied in the regular season and had no tiebreaker match between them, a coin toss was held to determine who would take the white position, and thereby, the first move.  The Roses played a tactical and traditional game, outmaneuvering the Legion with little as far as resistance until Legion Pawn Rachel Piersdorf refused to take a customary pawn's forfeit upon being attacked and instead defeated her future husband, Jon Bigelow.  The roses compiled numerous victories, including a key defeat of legion queen Kathryn Jacobs.  

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