The 2008 season of the Midwest Combat Chess League featured the first time a team finished the regular season undefeated, as well as the first time a team did not score a single victory in the course of the season.

Regular SeasonEdit

(*) indicates the winner of each matchup

Week 1Edit

Black White Notes
Cavaliers Celts*
Corsairs Culverins*
Dragons* Legion
Roses Valkyries*

Week 2Edit

Black White Notes
Legion (0-1) Valkyries (1-0)*
Dragons (1-0)* Roses (0-1)
Celts (1-0) Culverins (1-0)*
Cavaliers (0-1)* Corsairs (0-1)

Week 3Edit

Black White Notes
Dragons (2-0) Culverins (2-0)*
Cavaliers (1-1) Valkyries (2-0)*
Roses (0-2)* Corsairs (0-2)
Celts (1-1) Legion (0-2)*

Week 4Edit

Black White Notes
Corsairs (0-3) Legion (1-2)*
Roses (1-2)* Celts (1-2)
Cavaliers (1-2) Dragons (2-1)*
Valkyries (3-0) Culverins (3-0)*

Week 5Edit

Black White Notes
Roses (2-2)* Cavaliers (1-3)
Culverins (4-0)* Legion (2-2)
Corsairs (0-4) Valkyries (3-1)*
Dragons (3-1)* Celts (1-3)

Week 6Edit

Black White Notes
Celts (1-4)* Corsairs (0-5)
Valkyries (4-1) Dragons (4-1)*
Culverins (5-0)* Cavaliers (1-4)
Legion (2-3)* Roses (3-2)

Week 7Edit

Black White Notes
Culverins (6-0)* Roses (3-3)
Legion (3-3)* Cavaliers (1-5)
Valkyries (4-2)* Celts (2-4)
Corsairs (0-6) Dragons (5-1)*

Final StandingsEdit

1st: Culverins 7-0

2nd: Dragons 6-1

3rd: Valkyries 5-2

4th: Legion 4-3

5th: Roses 3-4

6th: Celts 2-5

7th: Cavaliers 1-6

8th: Corsairs 0-7



Black White Notes
Legion (4th) Culverins (1st)*
Valkyries (3rd) Dragons (2nd)*


The Dragons spoiled the Culverins' perfect season, winning the championship match and claiming their second consecutive league title.

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